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Maintain high standards through quality staff training. Improve and lock in customer satisfaction. Cultivate passion, commitment and job satisfaction.

Experience greater business efficiency and profitability with quality staff training. A positive and progressive working environment comes from on going motivation and employee development. Raise your people, raise your game !

By becoming a training provider you can;

  • Improve staff performance
  • Up skill and cross skill
  • Create a new generation of home grown Chefs.

We are also pioneering new ways to address staff shortages through training and skills development . Our aim is to facilitate specialist training in culinary institutions in the Indian subcontinent, China and South East Asia, China as well as in UK.

Goldstar Chefs training systems will also address staff shortages and skill gaps. We will support you with customised relevant training frameworks based on our exceptional experience and understanding of recruitment challenges in your industry sector.

We will also help you access grants and skills development funding. The shortage of Chefs and barriers to inward migration means it’s important to position your business to source from within the UK labour market as much as possible. You can attract enthusiastic trainees, from people who wish change career, college trainees, or regular Chefs who can be up skilled through advanced culinary training. See further details of forthcoming government supported apprenticeship

Step back and take a look at your business, in all probability you may not have as yet realised the availability and feasibility of training based solutions. Don’t miss out! Fill in the training enquiry form and we will formulate a solution that will take your business to a whole new level!

Services for UK based Training institutions

Are you seeking expert Chefs as trainers? We can provide your institution with trainers who can teach Asian cooking at curriculum level. Planned and structured cooking lessons can be delivered in line with course objectives.

We are looking to work in partnership with training organisations nationwide to create the next generation of Asian cuisine Chefs. Each and every one of your fully trained students can be placed into vacancies we have in every town and city throughout the UK.


This is a crucial initiative to address shortages

We are active in bringing you an apprenticeship programme in conjunction with the government’s Skills Agency as part of a major training and development drive to increase deployment of UK labour. Government policy and public opinion has long advocated such initiatives and is critical of its lack.

It’s essential your industry generates home grown talent by cultivating young budding Chefs to enter the Asian restaurant industry.

Taking an apprentice demonstrates commitment towards job creation within your local community, particularly among the young unemployed or those finding it hard to get a job and who may be interested in becoming Chefs. It also affirms your efforts to address staffing needs within the wider UK resident working community rather than the narrow focus on workers of exclusive ethnicities. It is a measure of social responsibility that will reflect positively on you as well as your business.

Though apprentices will not entirely fulfil staffing needs their presence will play a significant role as a resource for future Chefs. It will also reflect your industry in a positive light and help elicit government support.

It is hoped this will lead to a modicum of imported skilled labour on a selective basis to help facilitate apprenticeships and other training initiatives. Our view is the government would allow access to international Chefs, albeit on a restricted basis if linked to cultivating home grown skills. With your cooperation we aim is to establish training and development initiatives to meet your present and future needs.

We would therefore urge you to partake in an apprenticeship scheme such as the one we are creating for you. The scheme is currently under formulation and full details will follow.

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