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Reputation and relationship comes before money.
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Goldstar Chefs are a niche recruitment business at the cutting edge in addressing the staffing needs of the British Asian cuisine industry.

We source Specialist Chefs and Managers to restaurants and other catering establishments in every town and city throughout UK. We are pioneering new ways to address staff shortages within the UK/EU labour market rather than looking abroad.

Your needs are important to us, we want to be your ‘go to’ people for recruitment. Your satisfaction and forging excellent long term business relations is our top aim. We want to engage as your long term business partner than just a recruitment agency.

Breakthrough initiatives such as

Goldstar Working Partnerships
Goldstar Training & Development
Goldstar ‘Club’ Chef
Goldstar Chefs National Apprenticeship Scheme
Goldstar Culinary Creations
Goldstar Business System

and other development programmes have been created to help you deal with today’s recruitment and wider business challenges. We are by your side to enable you to

  • Realise your full potential
  • Discover new ways to grow and expand your business
  • Map out a prosperous future in this industry

Goldstar Chefs was founded in 2008 by Hans Raj Ram and Harmesh Kaur. Our involvement in the Asian restaurant industry stretches back to the early eighties through successive wholesale Asian food & spice operations.

The opportunity arose to introduce a credible recruitment service to the industry thus Goldstar Chefs was formed. Being acquainted with the restaurant community enabled us to quickly establish a widely recognised and trusted organisation.

You can call on our services from anywhere in the UK all day every day. We are based in London, Birmingham and Glasgow with Manchester, Leeds and other locations scheduled to follow.

Care, reliability, attention to detail, value for money and honourable business dealings are principles that characterise our service, as many of our clients will affirm.

Relationship is more important to us than money. Be assured we do NOT poach staff.

As fellow entrepreneurs we are conscious of cost saving and value for money practicalities. We strive to engender faith and trust, and practice sound business ethics.

We assure you of conscientious professionalism whether you are an employer looking for a suitable candidate or a candidate looking for a suitable employer.