Sponsor Licence Recovery

Dealing with suspension or revocation of your Sponsor Licence.

Is your Sponsor Licence currently under suspension or been revoked?

Did you retain a copy of your Sponsor Interview Record after compliance visit, have you seen the visiting officers Sponsor Compliance Report?

Have you noticed evidence of misrepresentation and misreporting?

Don’t be robbed of your sponsor licence!

Sponsor licensing and the Tier 2 work visa system is under unprecedented scrutiny as Home Office attempt to apply stricter constraints, reassess sponsor credibility, test genuineness, and redress any previous discrepancy

Your industry is being targeted to root out incorrect or inappropriate sponsorship application hence the unprecedented onslaught on sponsor licences.

The absence of high level up to the minute compliance management is leaving many businesses exposed to punitive Home Office action. Recent compliance checks have resulted in thousands of restaurants losing their licences.

Evidence of compliance breaches are present in many cases given the manifest confusion and ambiguity of sponsor rules. Unintentional and often relatively minor breaches are exaggerated through overtly complex and garbled interpretation of rules.

Where there’s been inappropriate use and compliance neglect licence loss is inarguable.

However there are alarming examples of unjustified loss. From our experiences and in many reported cases over half of revocations result from official errors, twisting and slanting of facts and misreporting.

If you feel you’ve been subjected to unfair and unjust treatment contact us immediately! Please fill in questionnaire below and attach suspension and / or revocation letter. We will give you a FREE OF CHARGE examination and propose steps to prevent loss of licence, or recovery if revoked.

Benefit from our unrivalled specialist expertise in this area. Gain access to highly competent solicitors and barristers selected by us for their reliability and competence and who we will work with if your revocation is to be challenged by judicial review.

Remember the manner in which you are compliance checked and resulting action against your licence can be open to challenge due to infinite possibilities of official misrepresentation.

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