Are you looking for Chefs? It’s time to work the new way!

Discover the key to

• Offering sought after jobs
• Transforming your business through smarter recruitment
• Future growth and expansion

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Attract & Retain staff

• Innovative ways to recruit.
• Ways to boost skills and incentivise staff.
• Gain access to top Chefs from around the world

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Restaurant Development Seminar

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Our Approach


Staff problems? It’s time to think out of the box! Discover innovative ways to attract and retain quality Chefs and Managers. Let us help you source locally and nationally, and qualify you to recruit from overseas.


Improve skills of existing staff; upgrade your Chefs through advanced culinary training.  Train new entrants from your local area. Receive government funding specifically targeted for your business.

Sponsor Licensing

Use our specialist expertise to gain a licence to recruit from overseas.  Position your business to meet the rules and avoid restrictions.  Understand what you can and can’t do, choose the best and most reliable source of information and advice.


Expensive Chefs may not be necessary if you de skill. Reduce complex (often volatile) skill dependency and increase quality and consistency into the bargain!


Do you want to be busy like famously successful restaurant names? How do they do it? It’s not about being big, it’s about being attuned to the market and shaping your business accordingly.

Your future

Experience meticulous care and attention, benefit from unrivalled expertise and dependability. Gain from our intensive campaigning and support for your industry.

Recruiting the right staff
at the right time.