Staff problems? It’s time to think out of the box!

Our Approach


Staff problems? It’s time to think out of the box! Discover innovative ways to attract and retain quality Chefs and Managers. Let us help you source locally and nationally, and qualify your business to recruit international talent.


Maintain high standards through quality staff training. Access funding for up skilling and cross skilling staff, and to recruit trainees. Address staff shortages and skill gaps through our training and skills development systems.

Sponsor Licensing

Gain (and retain) your sponsor licence through specialist expertise based on an exceptional understanding of your industry. Have you suffered licence loss ? Has your agent or solicitor messed up? Then turn to us. We succeed where others fail!


Expensive Chefs may not be necessary if you de skill. Reduce complex (often volatile) skill dependency and increase quality and consistency into the bargain!


Do you want to be as busy as famously successful restaurants? How do they do it? It’s not about being big, it’s about being attuned to the market. Is your concept in the present or in the past? Forget the new chandelier! Innovation will bring in more customers than renovation!

Your future

Shape your future with our entrepreneurial and visionary approach to your recruitment needs and business plans. Gain from our intensive campaigning and support for your industry.

Your future

“ The future depends on
what you do today”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

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