Optimisation – Less is more

Expensive Chefs may not be necessary if you de skill. Reduce complex (often volatile) skill dependency and increase quality and consistency into the bargain!

Are you a slave to your business? Are you in control, or under control? Are you drained by liabilities and staff hassles? Are you working for nothing?

Then it’s time to invest in optimising your business. Discover how you can achieve more by doing less. Change outmoded practices, leverage hidden advantages, uncover hidden profit, and tackle complexity with simple controls. Transform your business and get your life back!

Marketability – Fit the present (not the past)

Do you want to be busy like famously successful restaurant names? How do they do it? It’s not about being big, it’s about being attuned to the market and shaping your business accordingly.

Is your concept in the present or in the past? Much of the Asian restaurant industry is outmoded in its identity and practices. Past experience is irrelevant, it’s the current experience that matters. It’s time to catch up with the times!

Forget the new chandelier! Innovation will bring in more customers than renovation. Discover how to fit better in today’s consumer market. Allow us to help raise your appeal to that of the big brands!


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The Consultancy – The Full Works

We also want to be your ‘go to’ people for business development as well as recruitment

The Consultancy is a full advisory service providing innovative and strategic counsel to UK’s global cuisine industry.

The specialisation includes concept development, operational procedures, resource management, marketing, and recruitment with on going HR development.

The consultancy is to affirm future in the evolution of the global dining culture in UK.

How do you benefit?

More than three decades of collective experience and insight brings highly attuned and relevant current insight into helping you create value and mitigate risk.

You can have an exceptional team of hospitality professionals including proven experts operational management, design, culinary craft, marketing and business growth, with the very latest expertise and insights to succeed in today’s marketplace.

You will benefit from exceptional knowledge and understanding of your industry sector and fresh informed ideas to boost your business.

Whether you want to start up a new business, consolidate and strengthen your operation or if you are facing a distressed situation that needs transforming we offer objective analysis, feedback, and effective strategies to go forward with.

Choice 1. – New concept

You can opt to licence a highly appealing fully contained restaurant concept. It’s effectively a franchise model with branding, menu, and operating procedures ready to implement. You simply select a suitable site, or convert your existing site and we will do the rest. Once up and running you simply pay us an on-going licensing fee and we will work with you to make it highly successful with on going future growth and development.

Choice 2. – Own concept

If you prefer to maintain your existing concept but want to make improvements, we can provide a bespoke enhancement package based on our optimisation, marketability and HR recruitment /development principles

how can we help you?

Feel free to contact us at your convenience and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you..

Staff problems? It’s time to think out of the box!