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The future has suddenly hit us! In this era of skill shortages, barriers to international talent, and pre Brexit tensions the need to adapt and affirm your place in today’s rapidly evolving technology led market has never been more crucial. As a highly regulated industry it behoves us to address misguided officialdom that is stifling our industry. Our campaigning and lobbying has sought to de mystify and articulate the burning issue of skilled labour shortages. It’s vital to have qualified insight and understanding, and the ability to articulate sensible solutions. The government’s deeply flawed and out of touch view of skills needs has reached breaking point for many businesses, especially in sectors where sustainable craft skills from around the world are vital.

The most damaging impact has been the almost total prevention of access to skilled Chefs from non EU countries. The government consistently claims these Chefs are ‘welcome’ under the official shortage occupation criteria. The criteria however disqualifies conventional catering such as banqueting, event catering, buffet dining, and most alarmingly, the collection or delivery of restaurant meals as NOT having critical skill input and thereby no skill need. The government deems these activities as and ‘bulk food’ and thereby of low skill measure, this is in spite of greater skill and dexterity deployed in producing complex and intricate cuisine in quantity. More alarming is the rule which is devastating restaurant businesses ie. collection and delivery for home dining (take away). The government grades all restaurants including high end fine dining establishments who facilitate home dining as ‘fast food’ outlets, thus failing to meet the ‘criteria’. The government’s claim is therefore a sham! Numerous catering associations and representative bodies have simply not grasped this issue.

Goldstar Chefs have been actively campaigning for the recognition for selective skill need, and redress of inappropriate and unrealistic barriers. We launched a parliamentary petition, we have made representations to the government’s migration advisory committee (MAC), Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), Federation of Small Business (FSB), People 1st, British Hospitality Association and the sections of the media. Our aim is to articulate the causes and effects of harmful regulation, and be called to assist in formulating pragmatic solutions all vested interests can buy into.


Goldstar Chefs are actively campaigning to have inappropriate clauses removed from the Chef’s shortage occupation criteria. Though the government claims to ‘welcome’ Chefs under the ‘shortage’ criteria they are in fact very ‘unwelcome’ as the criteria effectively makes this impossible. Please read a full explanation in recent official communique and MP letter. Please download MP letter, fill in, sign and send to your local parliamentary MP. Please get as many people in your industry sector to the same. Please do everything possible to challenge unrealistic government policy that is preventing you from recruiting skilled Chefs from non EU countries

Sponsoring award events

For several years we have been an avid and dedicated sponsor of annual national and regional industry award events and continue to do so. Our sponsor track record so far;

2009 to 2014 – British Curry Awards,

2009 to 2017 – Scottish Curry Awards

2010 to 2017 – English Curry Awards

2013 and 2014 – Curry Life Awards

2016 to 2016 – Asian Curry Awards

2017 – Spice Awards (Scotland)

Spice Awards 2017 – We are pleased to be associated as Platinum headline sponsor of the inaugural Spice Awards and look forward to a new era of quality and transparency in the measure and celebration of this incredible and vibrant industry!

FREE – Recruitment and Business Development Seminar 2018

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AWAKE – Empowering women and active retirees

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MP letter and Communique

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