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We have an ongoing supply of Chefs and Managers through CVs and job enquiries we receive daily. All candidates we procure are skill vetted and right to work verified.

We can offer you

Curry Chefs – North Indian, South Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani / Kashmiri, and Nepalese

Tandoori Chefs – Talented fast paced Tandoori Chefs able to handle pressure and volume demands of a busy restaurant. A good Tandoori Chef will multi task in grill and fryer sections

Grill Chefs – Becoming essential in ‘street’ and ‘market’ food concepts, grill cuisine is becoming an art form

Continental Chefs – Capable of Italian, Spanish, Mexican and American as well as British. Suited for multi cuisine buffet restaurants

Indo Chinese Chefs – Specialising in Indo Chinese frontier dishes. Suitable for multi cuisine buffet restaurants

Authentic Chinese (Red Board) Chefs – First, second and third level Chefs specialising in Cantonese, Anhui, Fujian, Peking, Szechuan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hunan and Zhejiang cuisines.

Authentic Chinese (White Board) Pastry Chefs – Specialising in Northern (ie. Lanzhou and Ramen) and Southern (ie. Cantonese Dim Sum) styles

Authentic Japanese Chefs – Washuko, or Japanese cuisine has been honoured by Unesco and is becoming the rage. This has led to an increasing demand for Chefs who understand authentic Japanese ingredients and complex techniques.

Pan Asian Chefs – Serving Thai, Korean, Indonesian and Vietnamese cuisine restaurants

Halwai / Mithai Chefs (Indian sweet masters) – Traditional Asian confectionary craftsmen who produce classic intricate celebratory delicacies for auspicious occasions, festivals, and rituals for UK’s wide ranging Asian population

Restaurant Managers – Service orientated hospitality professionals, many emanating from five star hotel backgrounds from India and Dubai. Hospitality graduates, service orientated, Taj / Oberoi backgrounds pride in profession scarce supply.

Chef calibre
From experienced Curry / Tandoori to experienced plus multi taskers to 5 star master Chefs from Taj / Oberoi hotel backgrounds. Candidates are suited according to Head Chefs, Second Chef and Specialist Chefs / CDP roles. It is also possible to source Chef assistants and trainees, and you can be selected to be a host employer for our Goldstar Chefs National Apprenticeship Scheme.

Manager calibre / quality rating
Professional managers with formal hospitality training and degree qualifications. Many originate from five star hotel backgrounds from India and Dubai and from some of the finest international hospitality training institutes in Europe, USA and India.

UK work visa – Tier 2 (General) sponsorship
Work visa Chefs are easier to attract and retain, and more readily available. A work visa Chef is willing to relocate to any part of the country thereby offering greater flexibility. Salary and location demands are not as challenging as for UK residents.

Recruitment through sponsorship can be a more certain means of engaging long term commitment. This would need a Home Office Sponsor Licence, which we can help you acquire. See Sponsor Licensing for full details

UK National / resident /settled
Though the obvious source supply is short due to competing job opportunities, high salary expectations and transient work tendency. Settled workers prefer to remain in their settled locations and therefore unwilling to relocate especially to rural areas. Many are state supported and in partially declared jobs and therefore unwilling to take up formal employment. Offers of generous gross salary packages are customarily rejected and countered with demands for a parallel system of state supported concealed employment. We are pioneering initiatives such as working partnerships to create more beneficial formal employment frameworks.

EU Nationals / EU Residents
Asian culinary is not as developed or widespread in EU compared to UK. This means skills among EU Nationals are sparse in quantity as well as quality.

There is nonetheless tens of thousands of long settled EU residents with skills and innate ability to become UK standard Chefs. They are ready and willing to come and work in UK, however the UK government denies right to work access to EU residents.

Chefs from around the world – International Chefs from India / China / Bangladesh / Dubai /Pakistan / Japan / and South East Asia.

Due to highly restrictive immigration controls international Chefs can only be accessed under exceptional circumstances. Entry into UK is tied to the government’s annual intake limit and ‘shortage occupation’ criteria. In practical terms the bar has been very high for most employers. It is hoped proposed reforms will enable easier selective importation of Chefs to fill urgent vacancies as well as assist in the training and development of homegrown Chefs.

UK work visa or UK resident or recently settled?

UK work visa (Tier 2 sponsorship)

Peace of mind: Greater availability; easier to attract and retain staff; long term commitment; on going recruitment opportunities; opportunity to up skill; willingness for on-going professional development; selective opportunity for importation of highly skilled professional chefs.

Headaches: Tightening Home Office controls; complex and confusing rules; official delays and inconsistencies; increasingly rigid compliance; resigning immediately after gaining permanent settlement (ILR/ PR); inability to sponsor certain work visa workers

UK resident / recently settled

Peace of mind: No visa or right to work issues; innovative recruitment solutions; working partnerships ; opportunity to create home grown Chefs through training and development and apprenticeships.

Headaches: High salary demands; unable to relocate; non existent in small towns and rural areas; state supported labour market seeking only concealed employment; transient working habits; short term work preference; short term /part time dependency; shortage of dedicated professional Chefs

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