Resident Labour Market Testing (RLMT)

Before a migrant worker is hired, (or sponsored) an employer must make every effort to recruit a UK / EU national or settled worker.

This involves much more than just placing ads in Job Centre and website media. An extensive and fully documented recruitment process is needed to convince Home Office you are unable to find a suitable non migrant.

Evidence of this will come under rigorous scrutiny and it’s therefore essential that you carry out the necessary processes.

To date RLMT has only been necessary before assigning a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). However tightening restrictions on Sponsor Licensing has meant justification of the job roles and evidence of a lack of suitable UK/EU candidates must be evident to determine need for a licence.

As part of our service we will help you initiate extensive local and national labour market testing with in depth documented evidence to meet the toughest Home Office checks.

See official Home Office guidance on Resident Labour Market Testing

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