Access professional specialist Chefs and Managers locally and nationally, and qualify your business to recruit international talent.

You simply tell us about your business and what you need and we will offer you suitable candidate options. You can choose from 2 service options, one is a personalised approach called ‘Managed Option’ where we gain a deep understanding of your business, your recruitment challenges, and provide you with carefully filtered options. This is a very high level personal service giving you priority access to candidates, and expert support in every step of the selecting and hiring process . The Managed Option incurs a reasonable one off fee upon securing successful candidate. All candidates are thoroughly right to work (RTW) vetted and verified prior to shortlisting for your considering. As a prospective employer we advise you on your RTW checking duties and provide you a pre employment RTW verification document.

You can also opt for the simple ‘Self Managed option’. We place expertly worded advertising in and Univeresal Jobmatch AND your place your requirements through our live nationwide candidate system for a full month. We then pass on all CV’s for your own sifting and hiring process. There is NO recruitment fee to pay, you only pay the ad cost plus a modest admin charge. We will happily provide additional recruitment support ie. right to work verification, interviewing material, job descriptions and contracts etc. and employment law guidance, as part of a recruitment pack. A recruitment pack incurs an additional outlay, you will find this a good investment as it will enable you to adopt an effective system which can be used repeatedly.

We mainly facilitate long term permanent placements. You can choose Chefs and Managers from around the world as well as UK resident. You can rely on our expertise in work visa formalities for internationally sourced talent. As an authorised immigration advisor specialising in your business sector, you can leave it all to us and not worry about having to go through a solicitor.

We can also provide Consultant Chefs for improvement / development support, Production Chefs for central kitchens and other production output. We can also source professional Chefs for private residences.

Embrace innovative ways to attract and retain

It’s time to think different! A Brit or European can also become an ‘ethnic’ Chef. Be inclusive not culturally exclusive.

Become a training provider so you can create a new generation of home grown Chefs. We will support you by devising a training framework. The shortage of Chefs and barriers to inward migration means it’s important to position your business to attract enthusiastic trainees from people who wish change career, college trainees or regular Chefs who wish to up skill to specialist Chefs.

Given the unprecedented demand for Chefs and contrasting shortage it’s time to apply a more imaginative approach to the resident labour market. To date government and public opinion views the Asian catering sector in particular as not doing enough to recruit inclusively. The perception is the sector is too reliant on importing overseas labour. This is a narrow view. To date skill needs have been misconceived, and become entangled in an irrelevant and inappropriate immigration dialogue. It is therefore essential to demonstrate deeper internal sourcing to deflect this notion, including initiatives to encourage and assist especially Asian women to contribute their skills and attributes.

So let us support you in ways to recruit you may not be aware of or thought possible. Importing skilled professionals will be inevitable for high level culinary craftsmanship, however this will only be acceptable where staffing needs are being largely met through inclusive internal recruitment and cultivation.

Contact us now and let’s discuss your recruitment needs and challenges; please also fill in recruitment enquiry form and return.

At last a realistic and effective approach to solving your staffing problems!

The desire to go out for an ‘Indian’ or ‘Chinese’, or have it delivered, is a part of British life. Chinese, Indian, Bangladeshi, and Pakistani cuisine restaurants have been the success story of the second half of the last century, growing from nothing to one of the biggest industries in Britain.

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