Goldstar Sponsor Maintenance Service (GSMS)

Why must you have the Goldstar Sponsor Maintenance Service (GSMS)?

  • To ensure you are fully aware and compliant of your sponsor duties & responsibilities
  • To ensure your migrant workers are fully compliant in past, current and future records
  • To keep your HR system constantly revised and up to date
  • To ensure you have everything in place in case of an expected or UNEXPECTED visit from UKBA

Up to the minute awareness of increasingly complex rules has become a mind boggling and awkward burden for sponsors. The Asian restaurant sector is under increasing pressure as Home Office intensify scrutiny on compliance management and legitimacy of your sponsor activities in terms of job roles occupied by your migrant workers.

If your business is reliant on skilled migrant workers it is essential you are continually up to date with increasing compliance needs and rule changes. Maintaining your HR system and dealing with very detailed sponsor duties and responsibilities needs close and frequent attention and expert management.

Sponsorship is often snagged by misinformation, errors and confusion (often by Home Office themselves and many legal ‘experts’), so it is vital you have a superior and accurate support system based on exceptional knowledge and understanding of your industry.

To ensure you are

✓ Continually compliant
✓ Kept informed and updated of changes
✓ Making correct use of the system

you can subscribe to our maintenance service. This service covers the full range of Sponsor and Level 1 user responsibilities, and provides specialist advice & support.

Your Goldstar SMS will look after your sponsor licensing in 3 key areas

Area 1 – Level 1 User (legal)

  • Report back regular updates on your Sponsor Management System (SMS)
  • Assigning Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) including providing correct salary & job descriptive, and SOC coding
  • Making Sponsor and Worker change of circumstance notifications
  • Requesting additional ‘in year’ CoS including providing detailed explanation to justify request
  • Annual CoS allocation renewal
  • Legal representative functions

Area 2 – HR system maintenance

  • Continuous HR system updates and enhancements (based on Goldstar HR System – purchased separately) covering
  • Tier 2 migrant workers, non Tier 2 workers, Resident Labour Market Testing (RLMT) and Migrant Monitoring and Tracking
  • New Worker file (containing contract, job description and complete range of migrant worker documentation)
  • All worker notifications and updates
  • Staff list and vacancy updates
  • Hierarchy chart updates
  • Vacancy updates
  • Resident Labour Market Testing (RLMT) documentation and updates
  • Maintain RLMT advertising in case of unexpected or short notice need (will incur media ad cost)
  • On site visits (every 4 months) to ensure your Goldstar HR System is in order
  • Making sure everything in place in case of unexpected Home Office compliance visit
  • Attendance as your legal representative to (a prearranged) Home Office inspection visit (only if you have a Goldstar HR System in place)

Area 3 – Advice and support

  • Updates and consultation on latest Tier 2 Sponsor Guidance and rules changes
  • Addressing your worker sponsorship queries
  • Accurate and cost effective sponsorship solutions appropriate to your business
  • Clarity and simplification of complex and often confusing Home Office rules
  • Direct communication with Home Office where appropriate (ie Home Office Business Helpdesk)
  • Interpret communication from Home Office and draft reply or otherwise
  • Draft letters / emails to Home Office in connection with sponsor licence and migrant worker
  • Ad hoc consultation by telephone on sponsor related issues
  • Consultation in person as per availability and convenience
  • Legal advice on sponsor related immigration queries
  • Unrivalled problem solving ability
  • At your service round the clock 7 days a week

Let the Goldstar SMS

✓ Keep you fully informed, updated and complaint
✓ Help you prevent suspension, downgrade or revocation of your licence
✓ Ensure you are prepared for an expected or UNEXPECTED visit from
Home Office

For a modest monthly outlay the Goldstar SMS is a worthy investment to ensure you have a tight grip on your sponsor licence so you can attract and retain the specialist workers that are vital for your business.

Due to high demand we are prioritising this service for a limited number of sponsors at a special privilege rate.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your Goldstar SMS arrangement and implement as quickly as possible.

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