Attention talented Chefs

Goldstar Chefs have exclusive job opportunities in quality restaurants throughout UK.

Goldstar Chefs are a nationwide specialist recruiter in a unique position to access secure, long term and well paid Chef posts. By choosing Goldstar Chefs for your next super job position you can access the following amazing benefits.

~ £HIGH gross salary + bonus*
~ £500 signing on bonus *
~ Assistance with relocation*
~ 5 days working week
~ 28 days paid annual holiday
~ Employers pension contribution
~ Minimum 3 years secure contract
~ Ongoing training & development
~ Work life balance
~ Performance rewards
~ Job satisfaction initiatives
~ Future profit share opportunity*
~ Future working partnership*

* Salary, signing on bonus and other benefits will be subject to individual employers terms and your attributes and track record (backed by references,) and agreement to a minimum term contract.

Please note the above employment benefits are ONLY available to professional experienced and qualified candidates.

Chef’s & Manager’s Job Enquiry Form

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Do (or did) you have a contract?

What is (or was) salary and hours on your current (or previous) contract

Are you on a taxable gross annual salary basis paid monthly in bank, or monthly/ weekly cash in hand, or combination of both (if combination please specify)

How many employers have you had in last 5 years ?  (please name)

Can you supply references from previous employers? (If not why not?)

What new job role are you seeking?

What is your future salary expectation?

Are you willing to accept a good basic salary and excellent performance / targeted bonus  Yes/No?

Will you a accept a fully declared taxable gross salary based on full time hours? (if not please explain salary arrangement you are seeking)

Will you accept full salary paid into bank? (if not please explain arrangement you are seeking)

What special skill /talent, experience or expertise do you have to justify expected job role and salary demand?

What location are you seeking? What would be other locations of choice?

Are you willing to accept a minimum 3 years contract?  (if not specify)

When would you be available to start new job?

What day are you available for interview

Do you have friend or colleague also seeking a new job opportunity?  If see please add name and contact no. and you could receive £250 (subject to terms)

Any preferences/non preferences or anything you particularly want or don’t want  in the job selection process, employment condition or employer profile

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