Spice Awards 2017

We send our sincere thanks to all of you who took part in the inaugural Spice Awards gala final 2017. We congratulate the winners and all of the nominees!

A special thank you to our esteemed personal guests, many whom travelled from afar, we are very grateful. A special thanks to the team from ARON (Asian Restaurant Owners Network). We would especially like to thank the honourable India Consulate General for Scotland Mrs Anju Rajan for attending at such short notice. The Indian High Commission in London also send their support.

Once again we thank everyone for being part of the Spice Awards 2017. Thank you also to our fellow sponsors for your support. These awards are about showcasing the industry and recognising the dedicated hardworking talented entrepreneurs, skilled Chefs and managers who power this amazing industry.

We appreciate the time and effort you made to be there, you honoured us with your presence, it made us proud!
Spice Awards has distinguished itself as being way ahead in quality and credibility than the rest. Spice Awards is the future of recognition, reward and celebration of the nation’s Asian food industry.

Goldstar Chefs will be supporting this new innovative, creative and highly credible approach.

Our thanks to Warren, Sarah, Michael, Holly, Lauren and all of the team at Paramount Creative who have burst on to the scene and have gone straight to No.1 with their exciting format.

Be sure to nominate your business in next years competition, let the Spice Awards and Goldstar Chefs help you gain true recognition of your entrepreneurial talent and showcase your business!

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