You don’t have to be Indian to be an Indian Chef

Would you love a job as a Curry Chef?

You don’t have to be Indian to be an Indian Chef!
* Are you seeking a change of profession, or re- entering employment?
* Are you already a Chef who wants to up skill?
* Why not become a professional Curry Chef or Tandoori Chef?

Right now Asian restaurants in every town and city are short of staff and urgently need YOU!

Britain’s booming Asian restaurant industry is experiencing chronic Chef shortages. Restaurants are facing potential closure due to a lack of skilled Chefs. This is the chance of a lifetime to become a highly paid Indian Curry and / or Tandoori Chef!

Goldstar Chefs are nationwide recruiter to the Britain’s Asian Cuisine industry and can enable you to become a sought after Chef through a range of training and skill development frameworks including the following;
* National Asian Cuisine Apprenticeship
* Trainee Chef job roles in Asian restaurants throughout UK
* Up skilling and cross skilling for mainstream Chefs

Goldstar Chefs will enable nationwide skills development directly through the restaurant industry, and in conjunction with culinary institutes in UK and India, YES India!!. We also aim to take you to India for specialist skill development and cultivation!

Become a skilled Chef and earn from £25,000 to £35,000 + per annum once you reach Chef De Partie to Sous Chef / Head Chef levels.

Take a look at these salary scales
Trainee apprentice £16,000 / £18,000
Commis Chef £18,000 / £20,000
Chef De Partie / Jr Sous Chef £20,000 / £25,000
Sous Chef £25,000 / £30,000
Head Chef £30,000 / £35,000

Location: Every town and city in UK

Working days / hours: up to 48 hours within a 5 day week

Benefits: 28 days paid holiday (pro rata), employer’s pension contribution, Chef’s uniform and meals on duty, (accomodation possible in some instances)

Prospects: High income and bonus opportunities; future promotion; on going skill enhancement and development; working partnerships (in some instances – subject to terms)

No matter what town, or city you happen be in or close to chances are your local curry restaurant is having a hard time producing the Curry and Tandoori dishes you love because of a shortage of Chefs. As Chefs retire, move on, and becoming scarce due to increasing nationwide demand your local restaurant is almost certainly in urgent need of a Chef or Chefs!

ANYONE can become a Curry and / or Tandoor Chef, regardless of age, gender, nationality or walk of life. There is no cultural or language barrier. So, would YOU like to become the new breed of British Curry Chef? How about your partner, spouse, daughter, son, friend or relative?

There is in fact a growing number of indigenous Brits becoming Indian Cuisine Chefs and even Indian restaurant owners! If have a passion for cooking, creative talent and a love of Indian food you’ll make it! It’s hard work, and will take time, however it’s a skill in very high demand and probably the highest paid Chef skill in the UK today!

So, if you love a Curry, love the Curry industry, you’ll love being a Curry Chef! Contact us on and let us bring YOU into Britain’s amazing Curry profession We can’t wait to turn you into a highly paid award winning Curry Chef!

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